Outside Condenser Doesn’t Work

Cooling Service in Phoenix AZThe condenser is a key component in your cooling system- if it isn’t working, your refrigerant won’t provide cooling at all. If you hear excessive noise, no noise, or any other issue, call Your Phoenix Plumber for the best Cooling Service in Phoenix AZ.

Indoor Temperature Is Too Warm

Our A/C diagnostics can determine why you’re not getting the desired temperature, and we’ll get you fixed up so you can get back to your comfort zone!

Uneven Cooling

If your ductwork is causing poor cooling distribution, let Your Phoenix Plumber have a look. Modern ductwork systems can allow you to control your homes heating & cooling with “zoning”. Wouldn’t it be nice to deliver the temperature air you desire right to the floor you want?

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units

Maybe you live in an area where conventional Central Air systems can’t be installed. Is your home historic? Is new ductwork not an option? You should consider a “Ductless” Air Conditioning system installed by Your Phoenix Plumber. These efficient units can provide some serious cooling in unconventional ways- call today for more information.

Water Leaks From Air Conditioning

If you haven’t maintained your Central Air Conditioning system, you may develop leaks. At Your Phoenix Plumber, we’re great at finding the source of these leaks- and we’ll also educate you so you can avoid similar issues in the future!

Cooling Service in Phoenix AZ Maintenance

Allow Your Phoenix Plumber to take a look at your system- we can offer solutions that keep both new & old systems running like a top! Call us for more information & we’ll help you keep your cool!
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